Cathedral Concert Series

The Cathedral Concert Series, a program of the Diocese of Knoxville Music Commission, is dedicated to providing the community with free/low-cost opportunities to experience local, regional, national, and international sacred and classical music ensembles in the effort to support the Arts and foster appreciation for Sacred Music in East Tennessee. For more information, please contact Glenn Kahler (865) 558-4113.
The Diocese of Knoxville Music Commission represents all quarters of the Diocese and serves the Diocese of Knoxville’s laity and clergy. It provides support services and resource management of worship music at both the parish and Diocesan levels. The Commission also acts as a liaison between the office of the Bishop and the local parish musicians. The Commission meets regularly and manages an active roster of activities with the following mission: To promote the Gospel message of Jesus to the glory of God the Father through the mastery of musicianship in service to the Church, to protect the Church’s great repository of sacred music, to preserve the musical traditions of the Church, and those grown organically from them in full accordance with the Liturgy Documents, to support the New Evangelization by fostering respect and appreciation for sacred music in East Tennessee with the mind toward the ecumenical, and to support and enrich the activities pertaining to worship, education, and service of all Diocese of Knoxville Music Ministers. For tickets to our concert events, click here.

Upcoming Events: 

Cathedral Concert Series 2021 (revised 3.8.21)


For tickets, follow this link.

The Cathedral Concert Series is proud to present A Mother’s Love… Sacred Masterpieces in Celebration of the Virgin Mary by Pergolesi, Vivaldi & Bach, performed by the Amadeus Chamber Ensemble and Knoxville Opera.

  • Miroslav Hristov, violin soloist, and concertmaster
  • Chih-Long Hu, keyboardist
  • Joshua Kováč, cellist
  • Abigail Santos-Villalobos, soprano soloist
  • Diana Salesky, alto soloist
  • Michael Rodgers, the narrator
  • Brian Salesky, conductor
  • Also featuring: David Kovác, Nathan Jasinski, Rusty Holloway, and the Amadeus Chamber Ensemble strings.


The following Covid-19 protocols are observed:

  1. Face-coverings are required inside the Cathedral at all times.
  2. Non-contact temperature checks may be required at the door.
  3. A screening questionnaire and sign-in for contact tracing will be required.
  4. Maintain physical distancing between family groups.
  5. Seating follows CDC and TN State guidelines for worship.
  6. Public water fountains are disabled on the premises.
  7. Hand sanitizer stations are located throughout the Cathedral.

Thank you for your understanding.

Details: The event will be live-streamed at