Many times, people feel that if they have experienced a separation or divorce that they’re no longer welcome in the Catholic church. Nothing could be further than the truth.

Does this sound like you?
• The pain of separation or divorce is over whelming
• You feel alone in your suffering
• You feel guilt or shame from your separation/divorce
• You feel separated from the Church
• You are questioning your faith
• You are angry at your former spouse and God

• You wonder why God has allowed your situation to happen
• You are scared about the future
• You have questions about annulment
• You are concerned how your separation/divorce will affect your children
• You don’t know where to seek help

If this is you, we are glad that you have found the divorced ministry at Sacred Heart. We are here for you through this difficult time, showing how your Catholic faith is fundamental to your healing and recovery. By walking with Christ, you will feel His comfort, peace and reassurance that He will lead you to an abundant life.

I am a Catholic looking for help dealing with my divorce.
I want to help a Catholic friend or relative going through a divorce.

Meet Walt Otey, candidate to the Permanent Diaconate for the Diocese of Knoxville.

“Having experienced the pain of divorce myself, I understand the difficult times and issues people facing divorce and life after divorce have to deal with. The Sacred Heart Divorce Ministry can help lead people on the path to healing through the gifts of the faith and the Catholic Church.”

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Stay strong on your journey after divorce. Get the tools you need to meet the challenges of being divorced and Catholic.

“Divorced people are not excommunicated from the Church, and they should never be treated as such. They are always a part of the Church.” ~ Pope Francis