Getting Married?

Your marriage is cherished by the people of the Catholic Church. The decision to marry is truly one of the most important and joyful decisions of your life. Sacred Heart Cathedral’s matrimony process helps engaged couples more fully understand the church’s beautiful vision of marriage and equips them with the tools necessary to deal with the day-to-day joys and struggles of married life. Begin your marriage preparation process by contacting the Parish Office at 865.588.0249.

  • Contact the priest or deacon who will witness the marriage at least six months in advance of the wedding—the sooner after the engagement, the better. Call 865.588.0249.
  • Present baptism certificates, and obtain dispensations and permissions. Don’t set the date of the wedding until the freedom to marry is acknowledged.
  • Register and attend a marriage preparation weekend such as Engaged Encounter Weekend. See video below.
  • Meet again with the priest or deacon to complete the wedding plans, discuss your marriage preparation weekend, make final plans for the wedding liturgy, talk about your spiritual preparation (the sacrament of reconciliation is recommended), and ask additional questions.
  • Obtain your marriage license within 30 days of your wedding date. In Tennessee, the marriage license is valid only for 30 days.