Event Planning Guidelines

  • The Cathedral Parish reserves the right to decide the details of what takes place with regard to our parish events. This includes utilizing any space in a different manner in which it had originally been scheduled. It also includes applying or not applying the fee structure to an event.
  • Sacred Heart Cathedral provides facility usage to Parish and Diocesan ministries as well as community organizations. We are also open to private events.
  • Approval for all organizations and private events is finalized by the Pastor.
  • Upon final approval, your event will be coordinated through the facilities administration office.
  • A facility fee structure exists for community organizations and private events. (see Facility Usage Fee Structure)
  • Due to the limited amount of space, all planned events may be rescheduled based upon funerals, and other events that have a higher priority as determined by the pastor.
  • Upon approval of a requested event, the facilities administration office will notify the organizer.
  • If an event which is subject to the fee structure is canceled by the event organizer with less than 48 hours notice, the fees will be non-refundable.
  • If an organization appears on the approved ministries list, it may still be subject to the fee structure depending upon the type of event scheduled. For example, a fundraiser could be subject to the fee structure.
  • All organizations will be assigned a priority level. Priority levels will be used to help determine which events will be scheduled should a scheduling conflict (overlapping) occurs. For example, a parish ministry event will be assigned a higher priority than a non-sacramental private reception.
  • In order to foster a greater appreciation of the Lord’s day of rest, our pastor has determined the gymnasium and field on the campus of Sacred Heart Cathedral will not be available for use by competitive athletic organizations on Sundays.
  • The school will have exclusive use of the school building from 7:30 am-4 pm, Monday-Friday, during the normal calendar school year. The parish will have the opportunity to utilize the school building outside of the aforementioned dates and times. All use is predicated on following the event planning process.

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