Honor & Memorial Donor Opportunities

Thank you to our parishioners for your generosity to the Cathedral Campaign, which has helped us to bring our vision to fruition.  Your gift to the bricks and mortar, the foundation of this beautiful worship space, has helped us to live our mission to worship, teach and serve.

Honor a memorial donor opportunity in addition to a Cathedral being “theology in stone,” the artwork and furnishings of a Cathedral are similar to the offerings of bread, wine, and monetary donations that are brought forward at mass.   They represent the gratitude of the faithful.  The Honor and Memorial Book is an invitation to participate in making an offering to the honor and glory of God.

If you are interested in receiving a book or donating, please contact Mary Mac Wilson at the Cathedral at 865.588.0249 / mwilson@shcknox.org.  Click here to view the donor book.