The Living Stones: Italy 2016

Sacred Heart Cathedral News

“…like living stones, let yourselves be built into a spiritual house…to offer sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.” 1 Peter 2:5

I am so excited about the many local artisans and contractors that are contributing to this project. There are wood workers, painters, stone masons and other trades that are available locally and we are honored to have their work be a part of our Cathedral. In addition, there are certain trades and artisans that are not available in East Tennessee. I felt that this trip was important so that we could have firsthand experience of the methods and capacities of some of the artisans who are proposing to perform work on the new Cathedral. It is also necessary to understand how we can ensure that the church we are building is prepared to receive works of art into future generations as funds become available. It is important to know that no campaign funds were used to fund this trip.
“The goal is to create a canvas upon which others will also paint.”Fr. David Boettner
A cathedral church is organic by nature and takes on the character of the diocese of which it is the center as the diocese grows. The goal is to create a canvas upon which others will also paint. When complete our Cathedral will be beautiful and it will look complete. We are intentionally deferring certain works of art and decoration of particular areas in order to leave spaces for future generations to add works of art and beauty. We learned a lot about the variety of types of marble available, and discussed which marble would work best in particular locations, and developed strategies for bringing beautiful living stone into the new Cathedral. Even though the marbles which will be used in our Cathedral will come from many countries and areas, most of the world’s marble is quarried and sent to Carrara to be processed because of their capacities. One marble we found is from Colombia, South America, but it is cut and prepared in Carrara, Italy. ~ Fr. David Boettner, Rector, Sacred Heart Cathedral